ICG Automatic Filter (Disc-Cleaning)

ICG Automatic Filter (Disc-Cleaning)
Model No. A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) Inlet/Outlet Connection Drain Outlet Connection Max Flow Rate (US GPM)
SAB-ICG114A 50.2 17.3 29.8 4.5 1 ½” NPT 1 ½” NPT 2 – 30
SAB-ICG219A 58.2 20.7 33.2 8.6 2” FLANGE 1 ½” NPT 10 – 60
SAB-ICG273B 85.8 19.7 44.3 10.7 3” FLANGE 2” NPT 30 – 200
ICG 114A automatic disc cleaning filter with diagram


ICG219A automatic disc cleaning filter with diagram


ICG273B automatic disc cleaning filter with diagram


Automatic disc-cleaning filter system – ICG Series

Description of normal operation:

This automatic filter system design is used to filter high-viscosity fluids mainly in explosion proof areas. The system is driven by a bi-directional pneumatic cylinder and uses a compensation spring, which moves the disc brush up and down and, in turn, removes the impurities trapped on the inside of the filter screen.


The process begins with fluid flowing from the top of the unit to the bottom where the screen is located.  The fluid then flows from the inside of the screen (where the impurities are trapped) to the outside.  When the disc brush moves downward, the impurities that are trapped on the inside of the filter screen are then deposited into the collection chamber.  The impurities are also flushed when the disc brush moves upward as the flowing fluid carries the impurities into the collection chamber.

Design advantages and features:

  • Automatic online continuous filtration – the automatic filter system does not have to be taken offline to enter the cleaning mode, or to collect and drain impurities, thus enhancing the end-user’s profitability and overall productivity.
  • At a reasonably low cost, the ICG automatic filter system provides good quality filtration.
  • Compressed air is used to drive the filter system.
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly – mechanically cleaned filters do not require the end-user to purchase, change-out or dispose of any bags or filter screens.
  • Provides the end-user with long term operation, precision filtration and is protected from corroding in aggressive environments.
  • Reduces operator handling, minimizes environmental pollution, and reduces operational costs.
  • Compact design – installation requires minimal space and is easy to install.
  • Minimal maintenance yields reduced downtime.


  • Polymers
  • Resins
  • Coatings
  • Inks
  • Bonding agents
  • Lubricants
  • Plastisol pastes
  • Peanut butter
  • Emulsion paints.