Plastic Housing Single Bag Filters

Plastic Housing Single Bag Filters
Model No. A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) Inlet/Outlet Connection Max Flow Rate (US GPM)
SAB-1S-PVC 32.7 6.9 27.0 8.9 2” 90
SAB-2S-PVC 47.6 6.9 41.9 8.9 2” 200
SAB-5S-PP 37.4 8.3 31.9 6.6 2” 60


  • These bag filter models can be ordered with Flanged or NPT connections.
Plastic Housing Single Bag Filter
Plastic Housing Diagram

Plastic Housing Bag Filters – 1S, 2S, 5S Series

Design Advantages and Features:

  • The bag filter housing is fabricated in polypropylene (PP) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Due to the chemical resistance properties of PP and PVC, the bag filter housings will never rust, corrode or contaminate the processed media. Also, PP and PVC bag filter housings weigh much less than the typical metal housings making the system easy to install.
  • The advanced and patented design ensures optimal filtration with no processed media loss and no side-leakage. The bag filter top covers are easy to open and makes filter bag change-outs easy and quick. Plus, the smooth surface, with no seams, allows the end-user to easily clean the bag filter housing.
  • Bag filter Max. Operating Temperature is 110°F (43°C) and Max. Operating Pressure is 90 psi (0.6MPa).
  • The plastic bag filter housings accept standard #01, #02 and #05 filter bags.
  • The housings can be used to filter acids and alkaline fluids by the chemical industry.