Side Entry Single Bag Filters

Side Entry Single Bag Filters
Model No. A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) E (inch) Inlet/Outlet Connection Max Flow Rate (US GPM)
Max Min
SAB-1C 29.1 24.8 18.5 21.7 16.2 7.1 2” 90
SAB-2C 44.9 39.0 32.7 35.8 30.4 7.1 2” 200
  • These bag filter models can be ordered with Flanged or NPT connections.
  • These bag filter models are not available in carbon steel.
Side Entry Single Bag Filters
Side Entry Diagram

Side Entry Single Bag Filters – 1C, 2C Series

The fluid passes through the inlet on the side of the bag filter housing and is uniformly distributed through the filter bag which is held up by the support basket. The contaminants are collected by the filter bag and the filtered fluid is discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the bag filter. The quality of filtration depends on the filter bag’s pore size.

Design Advantages and Features:

  • Good sealing and streamlined fluid flow.
  • The side entry bag filter housings accept standard #01 and #02 filter bags and screens.
  • The bag filter housings can be fabricated in various materials including, but not limited to 316SS and 304SS.
  • Easy to operate and requires low maintenance.
  • Filtration precision is guaranteed.
  • Easy filter bag change-out results in lower operational costs and minimal downtime.
  • The inside and outside of the main bag filter housings are sandblasted and polished which makes the bag filters easy to clean.
  • The bag filters come supplied with support legs and are adjustable to meet any height requirements.
  • Leak-proof structure.
  • The bag filters are easy to install and installation requires minimal space.
  • Can be used for coarse, intermediate, and fine filtration.
  • The polished filter element ensures no residue is deposited on the inside of the bag filter walls.
  • The swing bolt cover closures are made of stainless steel.
  • These bag filters can be equipped with a heating jacket as per customer’s specifications.
  • The side entry bag filters cost less, provide the end-user with long-term operation and have the same filtering results as other types of bag filter systems.