Simplex Top Entry Single Bag Filters

Simplex Top Entry Single Bag Filters
Model No. A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) E (inch) F (inch) Inlet/Outlet
Max Flow Rate
Max Min
SAB-1S 31.1 33.3 28.5 23.1 19.5 16.3 10.2 2” 90
SAB-2S 60.2 47.9 37.7 37.7 34.1 30.9 10.2 2” 200
SAB-3S 14.8 14.0 11.7 11.7 9.1 7.2 5.9 1” NPT 22
SAB-4S 26.6 24.1 18.3 18.3 15.0 13.1 5.9 1” NPT 44
  • SAB1S & 2S bag filter models can be ordered with Flanged or NPT connections.
  • SAB3S& 4S bag filter models are not available in carbon steel.
  • Bag filter models including Heating Jackets available. Call for details.
Simplex Top Entry Single Bag Filters
Simplex Filter diagram

Simplex Top Entry Single Bag Filters – 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S Series

The Simplex bag filter’s trumpet shaped top cover design allows fluid to flow into the bag filter through the top rather than the side as is the case with traditional bag filters. The bag filter’s top cover’s trumpet shape is casted rather than fabricated. The standard Simplex bag filter’s optimized performance meets the most stringent process requirements.

Design Advantages and Features:

  • The bag filter’s top entry design provides the most advantageous sealing effect, with no side-leakage.
  • The large effective bag filtering area provides superior filtration.
  • Easy filter bag change-out results in lower operational costs (no need to remove the compression ring), minimal downtime and minimized risk of processed media contamination.
  • Provides steady and reliable filtration.
  • The total volume of the bag filter is utilized as opposed to the traditional side-entry bag filter designs which essentially waste liquid.
  • The bag filter comes supplied with support legs and are adjustable to meet any height requirements.
  • The Simplex bag filter housings accept standard #01, #02, #03 and #04 filter bags and screens. The filter bags are selected according to the end-user’s requirements and are used to filter acid, alkaline or neutral fluids and solvents.
  • The bag filter’s main housings can be fabricated in various materials including, but not limited to, Carbon Steel, 316SS and 304SS.
  • The Simplex bag filters can be supplied with your choice of gaskets and O-rings (according to different fluids and working temperatures).
  • The bag filter’s trumpet shaped top entry design reduces the pressure through the filter bag – when the fluid, passing through the broad and streamlined inlet, reaches the trumpet-shaped wall of the head cover, the pressure drops and thus protects the filter bag.