VM3-VM8 Quick Open Multi Bag Filters

VM3-VM8 Quick Open Multi Bag Filters
Model No. No. of Bags Filter Bag Size A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) E (inch) F (inch) ~K (inch) Inlet/Outlet Connection Max Flow Rate (US GPM)
SAB-VM3 3 #02 53.1 40.9 31.9 13.8 9.3 19.7 66.9 4” flanged 600
SAB-VM4 4 #02 56.7 42.1 33.9 15.0 10.8 21.7 71.7 4” flanged 800
SAB-VM6 6 #02 58.7 43.3 34.1 16.9 11.2 25.6 76.8 6” flanged 1100
SAB-VM8 8 #02 60.6 44.1 34.3 18.9 11.8 29.5 81.5 8” flanged 1400
  • These Multi Bag filter models are not available in carbon steel.
VM3-VM8 Multi Bag Filter
VM3-VM8 Multi BagDiagram

Quick-Open Multi Bag Filter Systems– VM3-VM8 Series

The Quick-Open Multi Bag filter design is based on the M2-M24 standard Multi Bag filter design with the addition of a quick-open system and a balance system for quick and easy operation. Less filter bag change-outs are needed for this system and this will result in lower operational costs, increased productivity, and minimal downtime for the end-user. The auxiliary spring balance system ensures the head cover opens safely and with ease, and can be adjusted from 0° to 150°.

The unique hold-down ring ensures an optimal seal to the filter bag. Due to the compact design, minimal fluid loss is ensured.

The Quick-Open Multi Bag filter housings accept standard #02 filter bags and screens. The Multi Bag filter housings can be fabricated in various materials including, but not limited to, 316SS and 304SS.